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Solar 2014

27.2 KW Solar at KJ Diversified inc

KJ Diversified Inc, has upgrade its solar arrays since the last post on this subject.  The current facility has 27.2 KW of solar arranged in 4 arrays. All the arrays are mounted on tracking solar racks built by KJ Diversified Inc.  The tracking leads to a 30% improvement in production.  To handle the movement of such large arrays, we depend on hydraulic controls, also designed and manufacture in house. The additional arrays will not only cover our manufacturing processes but also help keep cool  during the summer heat.

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We are now taking stocking orders for summer 2014, Stainless steel mist line is being welded and shipped to our customers.  It may be still cold where you live but its heating up in Arizona.  Don’t delay, you can’t stop summer from coming and your customers are going to want relief. Email us with your requirements and get your order in line to be welded.  Also get those nozzles on order

8 Feet Stainless Steel Mist Line

20 feet Stainless Steel Mist Line

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KJ Diversified Uses Green Energy

KJ Diversified Uses Green Energy for its Manufacturing

KJ Diversified uses solar power to supply nearly 100% of the power for our welding needs. The solar panel array was installed in December 2009. It has 5760 watts of solar panels with a 6000 watt Sunnyboy inverter. The array tracks the sun through 92 degrees of articulation. The tracking system is a hydraulically driven system of KJ Diversified design. It allows for a stable array even under very high wind loads. The power generation of this system can be monitored at sunnyportal.com

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